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Suzette Azariah Gunn is a classically trained, 

actress, writer, director from New York. She is a woman who not only chose to study all sides of acting but keeps herself actively involved with each entity. She has a degree in Acting from Howard University, DC and Oxford University, England. This multicultural actress known as the chameleon with electric eyes, has starred and guest starred on TV, film and in theater, having played a variety of nationalities and characters in a range of genres. She has received glowing reviews in the NY Times, Variety, NY Post and NY Sun. 


Azariah seeks to break barriers in this field looking for challenging unconventional roles that speak to the human condition.


In addition to acting, Ms. Gunn is a private acting coach. Her clients have booked numerous projects in film, theater and television. Her hands on and personal approach gives the actor an opportunity to find what is authentic to them while creating nuanced characters.


She is an advocate for the self-esteem development and emotional well-being of young girls and has spoken at various venues siting poetry and some of her own personal journeys from her book A-Z Diaries. 


She also speaks as an advocate on the awareness of skin cancer and the need for people of color to get tested. She is surviving the battle of melanoma and thriving due to early detection.

​Her directorial debut film “Spare Change” had its red-carpet premiere at the HBO International Latino Film Festival in 2010 and she completed her first book A-Z Diaries which was released May 31st 2012.

"To God be the Glory for whom without I am nothing. I believe that the gift of artistry is one of the most powerful tools in the world that used authentically and with respect can heal, bring about change and enlighten."

Quote by Suzette Azariah Gunn​


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